The Hiring Process

While our busiest hiring period is during the summer months, we are always accepting applications from Why Sayers with a flexible mind-set who would be a great addition to our team.

Facilitators (Teachers)

After applying, the first step toward a full-time facilitator position is being invited to one of our Star Search hiring events, held throughout the school year. Star Search is a full-day, interactive job interview involving multiple stakeholders (facilitators, learners, and parents). Typically, eight to ten candidates are invited to a Star Search event following the initial screening process.

The day’s focus:

  • Receive an orientation on our history, philosophy, and culture.
  • Mingle with staff.
  • Teach a 45-60-minute class appropriate to their content background. Following the lesson, learners (students) and staff complete feedback forms.
  • Observe classrooms as part of a school tour.
  • Informally interview learners and parents.
  • Work in teams along with current staff to design projects to present to the Maker Learning Network family.

Click here for details.

Administrative/Support Staff

In addition to passionate facilitators, we are always seeking Why Sayers to work at the administrative and staff levels. Visit the Join Our Team page to view and apply for open positions.

General Leadership

Are you an experienced school leader or educator looking to work in a collaborative, innovative, and creative environment? Do you already work at Maker Learning Network locations and want to move into leadership?

On Maker Learning Network campuses, we offer a unique way to see if we are a fit for each other, called the Leadership Cafe. This is a full-day invitation-only experience. If invited, you will be considered as positions become available. Click here for details.

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