We are education changemakers.

Makers are pioneers.

They are entrepreneurs and educators, innovators and risk-takers. It is a life that comes with the greatest triumphs and the toughest challenges. Our students become Makers. But, at times, Makers feel like they are on an island — too often without like-minded organizations and leaders on speed-dial who have ventured down a similar path and truly understand their unique needs.
maker engine

Individual voice and choice

The Maker Learning Network changed all of that. Our partner schools, camps and programs — built upon the latest groundbreaking research in Project-Based and Social-Emotional Learning — thrive because the Network provides the foundation they need to innovate, and the ongoing support systems to ensure they can grow. All the while, Maker Learning Network places great importance on partners controlling their own destiny and having individual voice and choice; we lay the groundwork and provide systems that support each growing organization, and they chart their own course.
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A focus on the whole child

The Maker Learning Network — built around the unprecedented Maker Method and global movement — is critically important as America’s educators work tirelessly in service of our nation’s learners and their families. Founded in 2008, Maker Learning Network schools and programs serve more than 5,500 learners across four states, so far. We believe in focusing on the whole child; Makers value not just academic success, but social and emotional growth that creates our nation’s next generation of thoughtful, empathetic leaders. Other schools and networks help students find a job; the Maker Learning Network fosters lifelong learners who create jobs.