Thom Markham

PBL Coach

Thom Markham, founder of PBL Global, is a psychologist, educator, author, speaker, and internationally-respected consultant to schools focused on project based learning, 21st century skills, innovation, and high performance cultures. He is the primary author of two best-selling books on project based learning, the Buck Institute for Education’s Handbook on Project Based Learning and the Project Based Learning Design and Coaching Guide: Expert tools for Innovation and Inquiry for K – 12 Educators, as well as Redefining Smart: Awakening Students’ Power to Reimagine Their World. By combining proven methods for designing high quality, challenging, and authentic projects with innovative tools for teaching 21st century skills and strategic school redesign principles, he has helped over 400 schools and nearly 6000 teachers across five continents establish transforming inquiry-based programs. His intention is always to work collegially with other educators to discover, empower, improve, and succeed.