Leadership Team

Amber Golden Raskin
Founder and CEO
Amer Kuric
Chief Strategy Officer
Lynn Boop
Leadership Support Director
Yvette Brown
Finance & Accounting
Jonelle Godfrey
New School Development and Board Support
Thom Markham
Sr. Director of Global Curriculum Initiatives
Espi Briones
Corporate Compliance & Project Manager
Elaine Williamson
Facilities Design Director
Julie King
Director of Outreach & Communications
Nicole Huguenin
Curriculum Team Services
Wendy Ruiz
Program Director of Early Childhood Education
Manny Ortega
Manuel Ortega
Program Development Manager
Emily Steele
Editorial Director of Content

Our team reflects the collective strength that comes from a group of individuals with diverse experience in education.

As a mission-driven nonprofit organization, we have a leadership team that has rich experience in:

  • Traditional district and charter school operations
  • Staffing
  • Coaching
  • Performance management
  • School launch
  • Day-to-day school concerns
  • Curriculum development
  • Special Education (SPED)
  • Instruction
  • Assessment
  • School culture
  • Systems design

Our biggest clients are the charters schools in our network. We are dedicated to creating and supporting environments from age zero to young adults that focus on deeper learning, personalized learning, social-emotional learning, project-based learning, and, most importantly, entrepreneurial and leadership skills at all ages.