At the heart of our approach to education is thinking outside the box. For us, empowering children to “think for themselves” is not just about solving problems but about developing an organic vision of the world in which they live — and one they will inherit.

We are firm believers in the power of project-based learning, coupled with deeper learning and a focus on social-emotional development.

When students are developing knowledge, skills, and academic mind-sets simultaneously, they learn more efficiently. They acquire and retain more academic knowledge when they are engaged, believe their studies are important, and are able to apply what they are learning in complex and meaningful ways.

Elements we encourage and support include:

  • Embedded appropriate and applicable cross-curricular, grade-level standards
  • Formative and summative assessments to track and support learner progress
  • Opportunities for personalized learning and entry points, including extensions and modifications, as needed
  • Connections to industry experts for exposure to career, skill, and content development
  • Social-emotional learning targets mindfully applied throughout projects
  • Metacognitive practices to increase learner agency and lifelong learning strategies

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